Apex provides one-stop shop machining services, including CNC milling, casting, welding, heat treating, grinding, and surface treatment (regular/hard anodizing, black oxide, PVD, and chrome/nickle plating). Presenting below are some key projects we have accomplished in the past years. 

 CNC Mill/ Lathe Machining

Compression/Injection Molding

Silicon-Free Rubber Bellow & PU Shroud
Tubes Bending

Polycarbonate Guard

Teflon Coated Sealant Mold

Plier Protective Tips

Vacuum Suction Cups 
Sealant/Paint Brush Applicators


Automation & Control Systems

Aim-&-Lock Hydraulic Jack
Portable Systems

Portable Torque Calibrator

Auto On/Off Lubricating Pumps